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      Since the early 1970s, my work has been about expressions of energy. I try to invite the viewer, even if for only a moment, to take a visual journey. Each piece is a footprint along one of the many trails I have traveled. My images are diverse, executed in many media, and created in all sizes. Although they are abstractions of reality, some are closer to what we commonly consider to be real.

      I used to think that I did the more realistic images to gain appreciation from those viewers who could only relate to images that were familiar. I now believe I walk a tightrope between the very abstract and the very real, swaying between the two to find my own balance. Sometimes I am moved to capture images with a camera; at other times I am drawn to working in stained glass, oil paints, or other media. The images, or my inspiration to capture images, come from a desire, a yearning housed within my spirit-my soul. What I leave behind are trail markers for anyone who may wish to follow, to experience where I have been.

      I graduated from Goucher College in 1979 with a BA in Visual Arts. At Goucher I studied under Hilton Brown, who taught me to appreciate color. Brown also inspired me to value the materials I incorporate into my work, as well as to appreciate precise execution of techniques and fabrication of artists' materials. In 1989, I graduated with an MFA from Pratt Institute with a major in Painting and a minor in Art Criticism. I studied under Ross Neher, also a student of Hilton Brown. Neher further enhanced my understanding of color and the importance of the tools and techniques that you incorporate into the work process. My final years at Pratt were influenced by Ted Kurahara, a minimalist abstract artist who gave me the freedom and support to explore my own path between abstraction and realism.

      Since Pratt, I have continued my journey. I have earned additional masters degrees in Management and Training and Development. My living is made in the academic and association environments and my life is centered on my family, my art, and the arts community at large. They have been and continue to be my raison d'Ítre.

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